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Professional Performance

Professional Performance

If you were free to be yourself, what would your natural instincts tell you to do in any given situation? Do you understand your own natural strengths? What is your standard modus operandi (MO) for taking action when you are striving to do your best?

It may surprise you to know that your professional performance is not measured by your intelligence, personality, or social style. It is measured by the instinctive ways that you take action when you strive to accomplish something in your professional life.

The Three Parts of the Human Mind

Philosophers going all the way back to Plato have known that there are three parts to the human mind. There’s the Cognitive, or thinking mind, the Affective, or feeling mind, and the Conative, or doing mind. While they each play important toles, it’s the Conative mind that gives us the key to human performance.

Simply put, conation is the part of the mind that drives action, and action drives performance. Conation is defined as the mental faculty of purpose, desire, or will to perform an action.

Your conative mind includes those instincts and innate attributes that define your natural method of operation. Research shows that when you are free to be yourself and work in your own natural style, you are more productive, more comfortable, and more successful.

How Dr Umesh Helps You

Dr Umesh can help you identify your instinctive strengths, explain them, analyze how they align with your work tasks and professional colleagues, and offer you practical solutions for putting them into practice — from doing better in your job to team performance and personal relationships. In short, Dr Umesh helps you improve your professional performance by showing you how to be yourself and follow your natural instincts and strengths. He can help you become your best self professionally, find purpose in your life, and identify your best career options.

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