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You’re not alone if you are having difficulty in getting consistently good quality sleep. Insomnia is a common disorder that affects millions of people around the world. While short term problems getting restful, restorative sleep can be just annoying or inconvenient, long-term problems can shave years off a quality life lived.

If you identify as someone with trouble in this area, chances are you are experiencing one or more of the following 10 problems:

  • Difficulty Falling Asleep
  • Waking Up at Night
  • Daytime Tiredness or Sleepiness
  • Loss of Focus
  • Errors, Mistakes, and Accidents
  • Irritability and Mood Swings
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Breathing Problems
  • Heart Issues
  • Metabolic Issues

You see, sleep is not just a passive activity that’s solely about rest and relax. It’s also about restore, re-energize, rebuild, and rejuvenate. There are multiple stages of sleep through which we normally pass every night. Each serves a different function. Some stages help us sort through short term memories, discerning what to move to long-term and what to discard. Other stages are critical for achieving physical rejuvenation.

While chemical sleep aids (drugs, alcohol, or medications) might succeed in helping us “zonk out” and be lie in bed quiet for a few hours at a time, they often interfere with our ability to move between the various stages of sleep. Thus, while we might be resting and relaxing, we may be missing out on critical restoration, rejuvenation, or rebuilding. Thus, though medicated sleep is better than no sleep at all, the best situation is when you can get yourself good quality natural sleep on your own.

Most sleep professionals look towards the school of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy when advising initial approaches to conquer insomnia naturally. They may recommend you start off by trying several of the following approaches:

  • Apply Relaxation Techniques such as the “4-7-8 Breathing Method”
  • Practice Mindfulness / Yoga / Meditation
  • Revamp your Bed / Bedding / Bedroom
  • Clean / Declutter your Bedroom
  • Banish Electronic Devices From your Sleeping Space
  • Adjust the Thermostat (downward)
  • Exercise in the Mornings
  • Get Plenty of Sunlight During the Day
  • Listen to Soothing Music at Bedtime
  • Try Essential Oils

While there’s value in trying these approaches, by all means – give them all a try, it is not enough to stop there. Remember, that your mind and your state of mind play a key role in determining your success.

So, what is your mental state whenever you are actively trying to go and fall asleep? Anxious? Racing thoughts? Endless chatter? Scathing Self-Critique? Doomsday Express?

Hypnosis geared towards getting better sleep first focuses on breaking those old, ineffective patterns of thinking that are causing you to just spin your wheels each and every night. We then create safe space that allows your subconscious to fully express those thoughts, concerns, and beliefs it been dying for you to hear, acknowledge, and understand for ages and ages. As soon as you accept, acknowledge, and honor those deepest thoughts, fears, and concerns, magic happens and the need to continue pushing those old, ineffective patterns of thinking simply melts away.

Dr Umesh has unmatched professional experience from thousands of hours of studying, training, and helping people just like you. The hypnotic healing that he will facilitate in you is designed to help you make your own life better now… and … forever.

Are you ready to take back control of your life? Do you powerfully choose to no longer live with old, useless fears and anxieties? If so, follow this link now to request your complimentary Telephone Consultation. You’ll be glad you did.

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