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Client Success …

Dr Tiwari is a very knowledgeable, skilled and compassionate clinician. Combining medical knowledge with hypnosis and hypnotherapy, Dr Tiwari is an amazing healer.

~Brit C.

I have had panic and anxiety issues my whole life. After meeting with Dr Umesh only 3 times, I am becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be: FREE! Thank you Dr Umesh; you have changed my life.

~Dana C.

He is kind, gentle, caring, and knowledgeable. My sessions were very productive. I’ve also gained a great friend in the process. Dr Umesh will not disappoint you.

~Michael B

I now realize how I can expand my creativity and not to be so analytical. I appreciate this unique experience.

~Rosemary G

I have so much love and gratitude for Dr Umesh. He was able to guide me through years of trauma, help me reconnect with my authentic self, and guide me on a path towards self-healing. The experience was profound and

Dr Umesh is a mentor, friend, guardian of wisdom, and compassionate healer.

~Courtney V.

One of the top physicians I have ever had treat me and I’m 77 years old!

~Michael U.

I would highly recommend anyone to Dr Tiwari.

~Linda K

Dr T is very kind and caring. He makes you feel like you are very special.

~Shirley P

Since my first session I’ve had many life changing events such as a huge reduction in anxiety, a lot more happiness, gratitude, enjoying more of each day.


Colleagues’ Observations …

Dr Tiwari has excellent clinical skills and did an outstanding job communicating with some very challenging patients. He always demonstrated respect, sensitivity and responsiveness to both patients and co-workers. He possessed a strong work ethic and high level of empathy towards those diagnosed with cancer.

~Sunil Amalaj, MD
Hematologist Oncologist, VA Hospital Phoenix, AZ

Very kind and compassionate physician.  Very pleasant to work with.

~Lori Porter, DO
Internal Medicine Physician, Banner University Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ

Has excellent fund of knowledge and shows compassion and caring demeanor to his patients.

~May Mohty, MD
Staff Physician, Cigna Urgent Care

Was great to work with. He has a broad knowledge base and a good sense of how to utilize the resources available for his patients. He is a very effective communicator in regards to patients and their families. We had several patients that needed to transition to hospice care and he did an excellent job of explaining this difficult topic to patients. I had two separate families comment on how comfortable he made them feel and how much compassion he displayed!

~Cara McCarty, MD
Hospitalist, VA Hospital, Phoenix, AZ

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