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At the Arizona Center for Hypnotic Healing, Dr Umesh helps his clients find solutions to some of life’s most common problems, challenges, and issues – those that face both men and women of all ages and in all walks of life.

Many of Dr Umesh’s successful clients come to him with enduring complex medical conditions that may have a strong psychosomatic component. Dr Umesh often finds himself working with clients whose doctors have begun approaching them with frustration, as if to say, “There’s nothing more I can do for you; it’s all in your head!”

Dr Umesh also helps working professionals who want to who want to either (a) get rid of their fears / phobias / performance hang-ups, or (b) just “up” their game.

For most clients, Dr Umesh’s superpower is to simply engage in empathetic listening while creating a safe, judgement-free environment in which you are able to fully express your nagging fears, doubts, and anxieties without interference. You see, if your subconscious mind is holding tightly to false beliefs or undesired behaviors, those negative fixed ideas are cemented in with emotion. When you can successfully root out those negative feelings, give them adequate opportunity to fully express, untangle their energy, and finally release that energy into the universe once and for all, magic happens and the compelling need to continue holding on to those aberrant beliefs or behaviors simply melts away. “Be thee transformed in the twinkling of an eye.”

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