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Fears & Phobias

Fears & Phobias

Few people actually enjoy feeling fearful or phobic for any significant period of time. In fact, most people downright hate the experience and would do anything to make it completely go away. People’s most common strategy to accomplish freedom from feeling fear is to simply avoid the situations that reliably trigger those feelings and hope that’s enough of plan to get them by. That often works just fine… for a while.

What happens next? That pesky fear or phobia stops respecting its boundaries and starts encroaching on new turf. Whereas you once only had a problem with long international flights where the plane flew over open water, now, you can’t even tolerate the hop from San Francisco to LA. Whereas, once, you would just “pass out” at the time you’re getting your blood drawn, now, the thought of getting a flu shot makes you want to completely “freak out” and curl up into a ball or run for your life! So, how’s that strategy of avoidance been working for you so far? You’re right. It hasn’t.

First, let’s the take a moment to recognize and appreciate the beneficial role fear can play in your live. Yes, there can be benefits to feeling a little fearful from time to time. Fear is the feeling that your subconscious mind throws up whenever it feels the compelling need to protect you from imminent loss or danger (be it real or perceived).

Your subconscious mind is quite wise and very good a detecting when things might go badly for you. Wouldn’t you want to know if you’re about to enter such a situation? Wouldn’t it be nice to get that “early warning” signal so that you can stop, change your strategy, and then proceed with your new plan to steer clear of that initial trigger? Doesn’t sound so bad when you put it like that. Does it? What’s the difference? Separate out the emotional component and identify the role the fearful feeling plays in your life: it’s just information.

What happens every other time in your life that you’re presented with new information? Do you always automatically react with fear, doubt or simply “freak out?” Of course not. You review the new information, decide what it means to you, and accordingly choose how to respond.

It should be no different even if that “information” is loaded with fear energy or comes to you in the form of a phobia. We’ve already established that your conscious, logical, reasoning mind already knows that you’re completely safe in those situations that otherwise incite that fear of phobia feeling form inside. Use hypnosis to unlock and improve your ability to take back control of how you habitually respond to those fearful stimuli and then watch as the magic unfolds.

Dr Umesh has unmatched professional experience from thousands of hours of studying, training, and helping people just like you. The hypnotic healing that he will facilitate in you is designed to help you make your own life better now… and … forever.

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