Welcome to Awesome Exam Confidence

This exclusive series of hypnotic recordings will literally program your mind for examination success. Please trust and allow the process to do its perfect work. Using proven methods of “psyching yourself up” for success, this series had been specially designed to uniquely compliment Dr Rahman’s teaching style, stories, quirks and brilliant idiosyncrasies. It will undoubtedly reduce the amount of effort required during your exam preparation process and set you up for seeing that that wonderful 4-letter word printed just for you: PASS!

Please remember that this program is being offered to you by a group DIFFERENT from Dr Rahman’s Team at Awesome Review. Thus, you will need to direct all questions, concerns, feedback and complaints regarding this product to the Arizona Center for Hypnotic Healing.

Here is a description of the three .mp3 recordings included in the package and how to use each one of them…

Awesome Exam Confidence .mp3

This covers the entire spectrum of Exam Prep and Performance. You only need to listen to this recording once or twice to get an overview of the entire process.

Awesome Exam Prep .mp3

This is the MAIN recording to which you will listen during the bulk of your study time. It has been specifically designed to accommodate your busy schedule and been made as short as possible. Listen to it once each day to enhance your exam preparation experience.

Awesome Exam Performance .mp3

Finally, switch to this recording for daily listening one week prior to your scheduled exam date. This recording will solidify your high-performance mind set in time for Exam Day. Go get ’em! Awesome!

Click below to begin the download process. But first you must choose between the two available options:

Option 1 – GumRoad

Cost: Free with coupon code: awesome

Difficulty: This option requires a moderate amount of technical savvy. It allows you to download and play the three recordings from your Android device or your Desktop Computer. If you create your own account on GumRoad your “purchase” is valid forever. And if you download their app, you have even more playback options.

Moving Forward: Click the picture…
Awesome Exam Confidence

Option 2 – iTunes

Cost: $9.99 for the whole “album.” Sorry, no coupon code here.

Difficulty: This option is the easiest way to get the recordings onto your computer or your device, especially if (a) your device runs iOS or (b) you prefer to let iTunes manage your audio collection.

Pros: universally available on all Apple platforms: iOS, iTunes, iPhone, iPod, iPad.

Cons: $9.99

Moving Forward: Open up iTunes in your device and search for and purchase the following album:

iTunes Album: Awesome Exam Confidence

If this works so far, you DO NOT need to use the link below.

Backup LINK (this is a little bit of more work):

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